Bonnie Gail Carter Photos. Copyright 2015.

Bonnie Gail Carter Photos

Bonnie Gail Carter Photos

Trees by Bonnie Gail Carter The Wabash River in Peru, Indiana Sunset Tree by Bonnie Gail Carter 4 Flowers by Bonnie Gail Carter 3 By Bonnie Gail Carter 4 - Copy 16636858043_4d175c56f7_o - Copy - Copy Barn by Bonnie Gail Carter 5 - Copy 16636857883_b3b929b432_o - Copy - Copy 15740122785_c390954bb7_z - Copy 15739294515_3f22ac2264_z - Copy 15737435071_d7be669a3d_z - Copy - Copy 15715637566_bda0632ddf_z - Copy - Copy 15565384371_4684cb7801_z - Copy 15554541600_6cabc6292e_z - Copy 15554419970_88c31c0cc2_z - Copy - Copy 15553357519_60c5201a72_z - Copy 15495582661_3a7eafb95f_z - Copy - Copy 15084395617_e7a8266b90_z - Copy - Copy 15084314678_f320b31c1b_z - Copy - Copy 15084247760_ccf741f948_z - Copy - Copy 15084223200_8590ff4d9a_z - Copy - Copy 15084106680_842aaa9dd6_z - Copy - Copy 14883991923_8b52d3eaf2_z - Copy 14864001142_c31e2f7281_z - Copy 14884034533_a5bd9e47b9_z - Copy 14861722514_ed0b5dc4e9_z - Copy - Copy 14861415711_6452f7a956_z - Copy 14861077591_da50b9bd4c_z - Copy 14754649503_709c123fdd_z - Copy - Copy 14677908337_5c943dda50_z - Copy 14677654307_a5a81b9ee2_z - Copy - Copy 15740802372_0bdaa794ea_z - Copy 14653110833_ca34c74e78_z - Copy 15119932893_37e2c0eb25_z - Copy Barn by Bonnie Gail Carter 10 - Copy Barn by Bonnie Gail Carter 12 - Copy 15083797400_932ce30e91_z - Copy



Bonnie Gail Carter Photos

Bonnie Gail Carter Photos


Poem by Scott Hastie: “Always Stay Loyal”

New Poem – always stay loyal…


Always stay loyal

To that which feeds your soul,

Knowing, as mortal entities,

We can never go any higher

Than when we nourish

A little of God in ourselves.

Like a thin seam

Of silvered mineral within

There’s a hint of divinity here,

Some mystical suffused essence

That stays charged,

As if in the flow

Of an endless crystal stream,

Till our own sparking current fails…

This being so,

As our own life’s energies

Leak steadily away,

Every step we take

Is interlaced with goodness,

But that we knew it.

For deep, deep down

In the very wellhead of life,

Far beyond melancholy and despair,

Where real sweetness dwells,

There is an ever abundant

Reservoir of light

To be drawn upon by angels.

Fuel for a gathering readiness

That looks to ensure

We will be more than content,

When the time comes,

To simply surrender all we are.

And, in doing so,

Give sap,

Some shape, some form

To the many blossoms still to come.

I want to thank Scott Hastie for letting me put his poem on my blog.

Our Bond They Couldn’t Break


Even though we didn’t grow up together,

we remained sisters forever.

Our bond they couldn’t break.

Our spirits remained great.

Being sisters they couldn’t take.

God watched over us for our own sake.

Our guardian angels knew what was at stake.

Even though we had to wait

our bond they couldn’t break.

We didn’t grow up filled with hate.

Sisters we did make,

filed with love until this date.

Our bond they couldn’t break.


Jamie 3 Two of My Sisters