Child: Abuse, Neglect, Molesting, and Rape


3 thoughts on “Child: Abuse, Neglect, Molesting, and Rape

    • I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my computer and it won’t even let me get to this blog. I want to thank you for the Reblog. Your help is encouraging. I love God and Jesus more
      than I can express to you. They saw me through most of the trauma listed on the About Page. Because I have first hand knowledge of how the children feel it will help me not to give up
      on trying to help the children. It’s not feasible for me to be able to help around the world but I have strong faith in prayer. I pray for those in positions of authority to help children
      around the world.
      Right now I am in Indiana but pretty soon I’ll be moving to Warrenton, MO. to be close to family there. What I will do is help children in that area. I wish I could help all of the children that
      are hungry, thirsty, are sick, have no home, no hope for a future, are being abandoned, abused, neglected, or in a domestic violence situation. All I can do is pray for the children around the
      world but prayer works. What I need are prayer warriors that don’t give up until the battle is won. It will never be won until Jesus returns so it’s up to all of us to help in any way we
      possibly can. Thank you for your support.

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