Welcome: Join Me On My Journey and “Don’t Let The World Take Your Smile Away.”

This Blog is going to be about trying to raise funds to help “The Forgotten
Children Living in an Orphanage or in Foster Homes.” It’s also going to be about
Domestic Violence, child abuse and/or neglect and child molestation and/or rape.
I have a book of poems published titled: “The Chill Turned Warm” and I am going
to donate all of the proceeds toward helping this Cause.
I lived in a Catholic Orphanage in grade school and later I lived in Foster Homes.
I am a survivor of child neglect, child abuse, child abandonment, child molestation,
and Domestic Violence.
It would be my pleasure to welcome Guest Bloggers, Psychiatrists, Psychologists,
Sociologists, Cognitive Behavioral Specialists, Child Development Specialists,
Research Information on any of these topics and Survivors of any these topics. If
I’ve left something important out please let me know. I welcome your insight and
The proceeds from my paperback book of poems is going to be my donation toward my
goal and I encourage all of you to become a part of this Cause. If you cannot purchase
the book I could use a couple of hours of your time towards Social Marketing, a PR firm
to help get the word out, Branding, SEO, Content, a logo, a landing page, a web designer,
content on free tools from Techs and how to use them. I don’t know anything about computers.
If there is something I neglected to mention please let me know.
I attended Purdue University and studied child development, family and marriage, psychology,
abnormal psychology, sociology and ethics. I have a certificate in Basic Mediation. Most of
my knowledge comes from being a survivor.
The paperback book of poems is available at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PB62T0C/
The Cover Art is a Photo From my Colors of Fall Collection. I’m an amateur photographer.


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    • I was abandoned, a survivor of child abuse, child neglect, child molesting, and domestic violence. Yes I lived in an orphanage and foster homes. While in the orphanage I stood at the fence looking at
      the house across the street and thought if I prayed hard enough and thought about it hard enough that my family would be reunited. While in foster homes they would use me as a free housekeeper, free
      babysitter, and in two of the foster homes I lived in had no food in the house. They would eat out every day after work but never fed me anything. I was ashamed to use the free lunch card from the
      welfare because I was made fun of for using it one time.
      All of my intentions are to help children facing these traumatic experiences whether it be in an orphanage, a foster home, or in any of the above mentioned trauma. I want to help wherever I can and as
      much as I can. I need everyone that can help them to help in some way. If they don’t have the money to buy the book perhaps they could contribute with a poem, an article, a research paper or share how they
      survived the hardships and trauma to give hope where only hopelessness exists. I want to put a smile on their face by giving them hope that they too can survive it. Articles of survivors are welcome to
      be a featured guest on this blog. Thank you for your support.


    • I am doing it because I was one of The Forgotten Children and experienced a lot of the same trauma I have posted on this blog.
      I just want to help them because I know how they feel. The children need our help. Without us they may not ever have a smile on their face.
      My favorite quote is one I made up and it’s “Don’t Let The World Take Your Smile Away.”

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