Poem by John White: The Power of Words

  Poem by John White

The Power of Words

these words onto their

deadly sharp edge

to cut into flesh

destroying all you know

if I could lay asunder

your every belief

all you hold dear

turning your life

upside down

if I had the ability

using only language

to bring down the

entire system

laying it bare for

everyone to see

if simply speaking

or writing could

bring about destruction

would you hate me

and would I abuse

this new-found power?


I’m Going to Have to Move to Mourissi from Indiana. God Help me please!

I have to move to live with my sister for a while.

Donnie’s daughter is the owner of the house we shared together.

They’ve let me stay here ever since he passed away

Donnie’s son lives about 3 or more hours away from here so he doesn’t want the house.

He has a ministry helping Alcohol and Drug Addicted men.

He is teaching them responsibility by having them work at a wood cutting business.

He pays them $12.00 an hour. He even takes in their children.

His name is Donnie Joe Townsend and if you feel the desire to help him in his ministry

you can call him at 1-843-408-8668. He has a house full of men and even has bunk beds in his kitchen.

The only reason why I have been able to stay here since June 12th, when his dad passed away is

because of Donnie Joe.

Pray for me on my journey because I can’t take anything with me.

My sister won’t let me bring my precious cat named Cali because she has an 18 year old cat

that won’t like another cat.

I’ve been crying since I found out two days ago.

First I loose my love, Donnie and now my cat that I adore. I’ve had her for ten years.

I’m allergic to cats and dogs but the pet store was going to put her to sleep because she

was biting everybody who tried to pet her. The guy also said she wouldn’t eat because she

was depressed.

She has never bitten me. Oh, she warns me sometimes with a very lightly open mouth bite but

she’s hasn’t ever hurt me.

She even knows when I am crying because she cries too. She knows when my ankles swell and

she lays on top of them. It makes me feel better too. She’s like a heating pad. She loves me so

much I’m afraid she won’t eat if I find a home for her. She doesn’t like kids or other pets so it’s

going to be difficult for me to find her a home in eight days. It’s all the time I have left before I

have to take a plane to St. Louis where my sister and her husband will pick me up.

I’m trying to write this through the tears so forgive me if it’s poorly written or misspelled.

I might have to put her to sleep if nobody will take her. God help me please!

I even have to leave my computer so if you don’t hear from me for awhile that’s why.

I’ve become attached to some people I follow and don’t want to loose them too.

But what can I do?

There’s a waiting list in all of the cities around her for up to a year to get housing.

Because I am on disability income the only thing I can afford is government housing.

Leaving my adorable, loving Cali behind is killing me!

I’ve even thought about suicide but I love God too much to do that and I wouldn’t ever be

reunited with Donnie or Cali ever again if I did that.

I need prayer warriors!

Thank you,

Bonnie Gail Carter

I don’t answer emails so if you want to reach me I am at 1-765-327-3129 in Peru, Indiana.

I’m sorry if I’ve burdened you with my problems but I am all alone with Cali.

I don’t have anyone.

Cali, mama loves you

Cali, mama loves you

Poem Titled “That Final Tear.”

That Final Tear


A soft rap a tap tap of silver rain
cascading from a charcoal sky
keeping time with the sorrow of
the tears rolling from your eyes

Lay your head on my shoulder
I’ll hold you til the morning light
maybe dawn will find your smile
but now it’s okay to cry tonight

The death of love is never kind
and you’ve lost something dear
yet worry not I’ll hold you close
until you’ve cried that final tear

Poem by Scott Hastie: “Always Stay Loyal”

New Poem – always stay loyal…


Always stay loyal

To that which feeds your soul,

Knowing, as mortal entities,

We can never go any higher

Than when we nourish

A little of God in ourselves.

Like a thin seam

Of silvered mineral within

There’s a hint of divinity here,

Some mystical suffused essence

That stays charged,

As if in the flow

Of an endless crystal stream,

Till our own sparking current fails…

This being so,

As our own life’s energies

Leak steadily away,

Every step we take

Is interlaced with goodness,

But that we knew it.

For deep, deep down

In the very wellhead of life,

Far beyond melancholy and despair,

Where real sweetness dwells,

There is an ever abundant

Reservoir of light

To be drawn upon by angels.

Fuel for a gathering readiness

That looks to ensure

We will be more than content,

When the time comes,

To simply surrender all we are.

And, in doing so,

Give sap,

Some shape, some form

To the many blossoms still to come.

I want to thank Scott Hastie for letting me put his poem on my blog.

Our Bond They Couldn’t Break


Even though we didn’t grow up together,

we remained sisters forever.

Our bond they couldn’t break.

Our spirits remained great.

Being sisters they couldn’t take.

God watched over us for our own sake.

Our guardian angels knew what was at stake.

Even though we had to wait

our bond they couldn’t break.

We didn’t grow up filled with hate.

Sisters we did make,

filed with love until this date.

Our bond they couldn’t break.


Jamie 3 Two of My Sisters


My boyfriend Donnie Townsend read two poems in my book: THE CHILL TURNED WARM and he wrote a song called

LITTLE GIRL IN THE ORPHANAGE. Here are the two poems and the song.


She felt rejected, unloved, and unwanted.

She feels like she is being punished for something.

She wants her family back more than living.

The fantasy of her family being together again is her only happiness.

She cries and prays to her God a lot.

For three long years she clung to the fence.

While serving her time, her only crime was loneliness.

No one cared enough to parole her from the orphanage.

She feels the presence of the fence as an adult.

Her hands cling to the fence within.

Just like then no one hears her cries.

There is no key to the gate.

by Bonnie Gail Carter


The child inside of me wants to be free of the fence surrounding me.

The fence is so high I want to fly to my home in the sky

where I’ll be free of the emotional pain encompassing me.

There was no love at this place called an orphanage.

They didn’t care very much.

I was withdrawing within, building a wall to protect myself

from the emotional pain I’m going to set on a shelf.

I can dust it off and start with a clean slate.

Only time will tell what emotions are sunken deep in the well.

My heart feels like a black hole instead of having a soul,

searching for the warmth of the sun to lighten the load

leading to a better-traveled road.

by Bonnie Gail Carter

https://youtu.be/QosOHAUox7k click here to hear LITTLE GIRL IN THE ORPHANAGE by Donnie Townsend