Where Does All of Our Help Come From?

Debby Simon's photo.




I’d like to go to Heaven for the day to see my family.

I’d tell grandma how grandpa gave me shots of whiskey for my silence to her.

I’d tell grandma how much I miss her homemade bread and jam.

I’d tell my sister how much I love her and need her in my life.

I’d tell my favorite aunt thank you for teaching me to play baseball

and how much I miss her loving kindness.

I’d tell them all how I still hear their voices once in a while.

Sometimes I need down time to think on these things.

It keeps me on the right path and to do the right thing

especially when they are here to guide me.

I like to be alone sometimes because I need my downtime

and that’s when I hear voices all the time.

By Bonnie Gail Carter

This poem was supposed to be in my book but for some reason it isn’t in the book.